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The Disney Enterprises, Inc. owner is known worldwide for his trademarks. These brands are in demand in services such as For: Action skill games; action figures and accessories therefor; board games; card games; children's multiple activity toys; badminton sets; balloons; basketballs; bath toys; baseballs; beach balls; bean bags; bean bag dolls; toy building blocks; bowling, For: Address books; almanacs; appliques in the form of decals; appointment books; art prints; arts and craft paint kits; autograph books; baby books; ball point pens; baseball cards; binders; bookends; bookmarks; a series of fiction books; books, magazine, For: Entertainment services International Class(es): 041- Primary Class U.S Class(es): 100,101,107 Class Status: ACTIVE Basis: 1(b), For: Production, presentation, distribution, and rental of motion picture films; production, presentation, distribution, and rental of television and radio programs; production, presentation, and rental of sound and visual recordings; production of live-a, For: Beachwear; belts; bottoms; cloaks; cloth bibs; coats; chaps; costumes for use in role-playing games; beach cover-ups; dresses; ear muffs; footwear; gloves; Halloween costumes; headwear; hosiery; infantwear; jackets; leotards; lingerie; loungewear; mi, For: Comic books, comic magazines and printed stories in illustrated form featured in books and magazines; address books; almanacs; appliques in the form of decals; appointment books; art prints; autograph books; baseball cards; bookmarks; a series of fic. You can contact Disney Enterprises, Inc. from anywhere in the world by phone or email, which you will find on our service. Trademarks presented to you have been re-registered at different times. Key Publication Dates - Jul. 22, 2010, Aug. 03, 2010, May 24, 2010, May 25, 2010, Nov. 11, 2010, Apr. 22, 2010.

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