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Date of publication - Jan. 11, 2011 is presented on our website. You can find trademarks of various categories published during the Jan. 11, 2011 period. The main services registered on this date are For: retail and online retail department store services; retail and online retail store services featuring apparel, toys, holiday gifts and holiday-themed goods International Class(es): 035- Primary Class U.S Class(es): 100,101,102 Class Status: ACTIVE Ba, For: Computer-gaming software; Gaming software that generates or displays wager outcomes of gaming machines; Downloadable computer game software for gaming; Gaming machines, namely, devices that accept a wager; Slot machines International Class(es): 009- , For: Pharmaceutical preparations, namely, analgesics International Class(es): 005- Primary Class U.S Class(es): 006,018,044,046,051,052 Class Status: ACTIVE Basis: 1(b), For: Educational services, namely, obtaining school student records on behalf of customers and providing the customer's student records to employers, schools, service providers and other requestors International Class(es): 041- Primary Class U.S Class(es), For: Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for the treatment of infectious diseases, blood disorders, pain, inflammation, sepsis, alopecia, obesity and cognitive disorders; Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for the treatment of viral, metabo, For: Components for gaming machines that generate or display wager outcomes, namely, controllers, displays, button panels, bolsters, electrical wiring, and computer hardware and software associated therewith; Gaming machines, namely, devices which accept .

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