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Date of publication - Oct. 26, 2010 is presented on our website. You can find trademarks of various categories published during the Oct. 26, 2010 period. The main services registered on this date are For: Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for the treatment of infectious diseases, blood disorders, pain, inflammation, sepsis, alopecia, obesity and cognitive disorders; Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for the treatment of viral, metabo, For: Electronic game programs; Gaming equipment, namely, slot machines with or without video output; Gaming machines; Machines for playing games of chance; Slot machines International Class(es): 009- Primary Class U.S Class(es): 021,023,026,036,038 Class , For: Banking services, namely, retail banking services; financial transaction services, namely, Internet banking, telephone banking, ATM and debit card services, direct deposit and automated clearing house transactions, credit cards services, wiring of fu, For: Components for gaming machines that generate or display wager outcomes, namely, controllers, displays, button panels, bolsters, electrical wiring, and computer hardware and software associated therewith; Gaming machines, namely, devices which accept , For: Educational services, namely, providing courses of instruction at the college and graduate level, namely, distributing course materials, conducting educational conferences and educational research in the fields of politics, science, history, language, For: Pharmaceuticals, namely, oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy preparations and pharmaceutical preparations, namely, hormonal agents for treating hormone disorders and conditions related to women's health International Class(es): 005- Prim.

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