US serial number:87221072
Application filling date:Oct. 31, 2016
Mark type:Trademark
Status:Registered. The registration date is used to determine when post-registration maintenance documents are due.
Status date:Jun. 06, 2017
Publication date:Mar. 21, 2017
Standard character claim:Yes. The mark consists of standard characters without claim to any particular font style, size, or color.
Mark drawing type:4 - STANDARD CHARACTER MARK
Goods and services:For: Brakes for vehicles International Class(es): 012- Primary Class U.S Class(es): 019,021,023,031,035,044 Class Status: ACTIVE Basis: 1(a) First Use: Feb. 24, 2016 Use in Commerce: Feb. 24, 2016
Services:Brakes for vehicles
Current owner owner name:Metropolitan Restoration Service
Current owner owner address:303 Main Street Harleton, PENNSYLVANIA UNITED STATES 17829
Current owner legal entity type:CORPORATION
Current owner state or country:PENNSYLVANIA
Attorney name:Kevin M. Gold, Esquire
Attorney email:kgold@rhoads-sinon.com
Attorney docket number:14129/1
Attorney email authorized:Yes
Correspondent name address:KEVIN M. GOLD, ESQUIRE Pillar+Aught 4201 E. Park Circle Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA UNITED STATES 17111
Correspondent phone:717 308 9626
Correspondent email:kgold@pillaraught.com
Correspondent email authorized BULL DAWG BRAKES:Yes


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