US serial number:87220093
Application filling date:Oct. 28, 2016
Mark type:Trademark
Status:Notice of Allowance (NOA) sent (issued) to the applicant. Applicant must file a Statement of Use or Extension Request within six months of the NOA issuance date.
Status date:May 16, 2017
Publication date:Mar. 21, 2017
Standard character claim:Yes. The mark consists of standard characters without claim to any particular font style, size, or color.
Mark drawing type:4 - STANDARD CHARACTER MARK
Goods and services:For: Absorbent paper for tobacco pipes; Ashtrays of precious metal; Ashtrays, not of precious metal; Cigar and cigarette boxes; Cigar cases; Cigar cutters; Cigar holders; Cigar humidifiers; Cigar lighters; Cigar tubes; Cigarette cases; Cigarette cutters;
Current owner owner name:Liu Guang Guo
Current owner owner address:No.379 Fuguangnan Road,Taijiang Distrit Fuzhou CHINA 350009
Current owner legal entity type:INDIVIDUAL
Correspondent name address:Liu Guang Guo 505,33# Wuyilvzhou,No.379 Fuguangnan Rd. Fuzhou CHINA 350009
Correspondent phone:008659183951275
Correspondent email:guangguoliu@gmail.com guangguo_liu@hotmail.com
Correspondent email authorized:Yes
Trademark staff tm attorney:LATTUCA, FRANK J
Trademark staff law office assigned WANDA:LAW OFFICE 109


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