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Date of publication - Mar. 29, 2011 is presented on our website. You can find trademarks of various categories published during the Mar. 29, 2011 period. The main services registered on this date are For: Clothing, namely, caps, hats, shirts, T-shirts, tank tops, turtlenecks, pullovers, shorts, pants, dresses, baseball uniforms, jerseys, sweatshirts, robes, jackets, cloth bibs, infant wear, jumpers, creepers, ties, socks, hosiery International Class(e, For: Dietary and nutritional supplements International Class(es): 005- Primary Class U.S Class(es): 006,018,044,046,051,052 Class Status: ACTIVE Basis: 1(b), For: Athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, athletic uniforms International Class(es): 025- Primary Class U.S Class(es): 022,039 Class Status: ACTIVE Basis: 1(b), For: Components for gaming machines that generate or display wager outcomes, namely, controllers, displays, button panels, bolsters, electrical wiring, and computer hardware and software associated therewith; Gaming machines, namely, devices which accept , For: Aircraft repair and maintenance International Class(es): 037- Primary Class U.S Class(es): 100,103,106 Class Status: ACTIVE Basis: 1(b), For: Bath and body care products and accessories, namely, hot and cold reusable eye compresses for beauty and cosmetic uses, cosmetics, cosmetic pads, bubble baths, bath gels, bath lotions, non- medicated bath salts, bath pearls, skin soaps, body lotions,.

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